Hospitals & Medical Clinics



Medical Facilities have an enormous responsibility to provide not only quality care but a safe environment.  No Slip Zone can assist medical facilities protect their patients, visitors, staff and employees.

Staff and Employee Safety

hospitalstaffsafteyStaff and employees are continually exposed to wet surfaces from a variety of sources.  No Slip applications in locker rooms, restrooms, surgical theaters, emergency and treatment rooms, etc provide an added measure against slip and fall injuries.  Fewer workman’s compensation claims, and lower insurance premiums are only a couple cost of the savings possibilities after No Slip Zone treatments.

Patient and Visitor Safety

hospital2All public areas are required to meet ADA and OSHA slip resistance criteria.  We can help medical facilities meet those mandated levels.  Lobbies, bathrooms, waiting rooms, walkways are only a few examples where visitors safety can be protected.