Hotels & Resorts


1Hotels and Motels face a major challenge. The number one location for accidents is the bathrooms. Everyone knows bathtubs, showers and tile floors become slippery when wet and this can be a dangerous situation especially for our senior citizens and small children. After No Slip Zone treatments the surface will actually be less slippery wet than dry. Eliminate the need for bathmats or adhesive strips that become dirty and unsanitary and we’ll treat the entire floor of the tub not just a mat size area.        

lobby1111You’ll be able to add “No Slip Tubs & Floors” to your amenities list.


Imagine how safe your guests will feel!


During the slip proofing process, contaminants that may be present on older tubs causing a gray dingy appearance will be removed, restoring the finish to near new.

hotellobby3Lobbies are usually tile or marble and can be very hazardous, especially if it’s raining or if the surface has recently been mopped. Other areas where being slip resistant will make a significant difference in overall safety for your guests are laundry rooms, dining rooms, lounges, exercise rooms and hallways near ice machines.

hotel_pool1Swimming pool and jacuzzis are another location for major concern. Walking surfaces near pools often change from cool decking to cement or tile creating very hazardous conditions. Children become so excited playing around pools they forget their parents’ warnings and often end up running on these very slippery surfaces.