How Does It Work



Before No Slip Zone Application

The combination of water and a smooth surface results in a very slippery condition. The regular surface, demonstrated in the view below, allows water to easily flow across the surface and does not provide any traction.

Before tile treatment

All mineral based surfaces are porous by nature. Our treatments use a uniquely formulated chemical compound designed to react with silica sand in any mineral surface such as concrete, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, porcelain, slate, quarry tile, river rock, polished stone, or glazed brick.

After No Slip Zone Application

The result of the chemical reaction with the surface is the creation of a tread pattern that provides a positive slip resistant surface.

after tile treatment

No Visible Change in Appearance!

Our treatments can be safely applied and reapplied without jeopardizing the structural composition of the material on which it is applied. Many other slip-proofing solutions are applied topically and eventually crack, peel or rub off. No Slip Zone treatments work into the surface itself so it will not crack, peel, chip, or discolor with age. There is no set up, curing, or drying time required. The surfaces treated can be used immediately after treatment.

Each treatment is guaranteed for two years from the date of application as long as the surface is maintained with approved cleaning agents..