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Floor Treatments


aserviceProtect your family, friends, employees and customers by reducing the risk of a slip and fall injury caused by a surface that becomes very slippery when it’s wet. After our No Slip application, the surface is actually less slippery wet than dry. Contact us for a demonstration.

Tub and Shower Treatments:no slip zone bathtub rc

We know tubs and showers become slippery when wet and we’re here to help. Our bath and shower treatments solve the slippery problem and eliminate the need for bathmats.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing:

concrete patio 2Having your concrete sealed prevents premature deterioration that leads to expensive repairs and/or replacement. Sealed concrete is easier to maintain and resists staining, dusting and sweating. Our sealer is a penetrating sealer and does not coat or form a film on the surface. It penetrates the surface and fills up the voids and capillaries inside the concrete where it chemically reacts and hardens. This seals the concrete permanently from the inside out.