Restaurants & Bars


r2Restaurants & Bars have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for their customers in the dining room and lounge. Using caution signs when the floors are being mopped provides a little warning but is really acknowledgment that there is a problem.

Spills can happen at any moment and someone will eventually manage to find one before it can be cleaned up, no matter how diligent a crew is. Rainy days pose additional challenges. Our No Slip applications will bring your surfaces into compliance with both ADA and OSHA regulations for slip resistant surfaces, providing sure footing for your customers when it’s needed most. Preventing accidents is the best defense against premises liability litigation.

More than 3 million food service industry employees and
over 1 million guests are injured in slip and fall accidents
each year.  Study released by CNA Insurance in June 2007

more than 3 mil

1-r-bathroomBathrooms are accidents waiting to happen. They seem to be in constant use, one customer after another, making it next to impossible to maintain them properly. After treatment the floor will be less slippery wet than dry and perfectly safe for the next visitor.

no slip zone - kitchen non slip floor treatmentKitchen Floors are one of the biggest problems restaurants have. Maintaining them in a slip proof fashion requires a proper cleaning regimen even after treatment. Floors are porous by nature. Insufficient cleaning practices or products allow soap residue and grease to combine and harden, eventually filling the pores creating a very slippery surface. No Slip Zone’s Degrease ALL™ is enzyme-like and when sprayed on a floor it eats the grease, penetrates the pores and keeps the floor slip resistant.

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